co-Financing Water Supply & Sanitation Project

Department of Water Supply and Sewerage, under the Ministry of Water Supply and Sanitation is the lead department for implementing water supply and sanitation projects in Nepal. The department is implementing various programs and projects through its regional, divisional, central and project offices to meet its objective of providing safe, convenient, adequate water supply and sanitation facilities to all, and with particular emphasis on lower-income groups. The broad objective of department also focuses on reducing the incident of water borne disease prevailing in the country and on reducing suffering and drudgery of woman and children, who have been responsible for collecting water and maintaining domestic sanitation and hygiene.

Rapid urbanization has created high stress on existing water supply schemes and these systems are in need of rehabilitation, reconstruction and service extension. Thus at this context rehabilitation and reconstruction of non functioning systems has also been identified as major aspect in meeting the national agenda of providing safe, reliable and adequate water to all. For providing safe, reliable, and adequate water to the growing urban population through sustainable system, based on participatory approach and cost recovery modality, GoN has started the Co financing water supply and sanitation project. The project is funded by GoN, and is being implemented by DWSS. This project is being implemented since fiscal year 2068/69. The project is based on public private partnership modality and is focused to ensure the enhanced quality and service level of water supply projects in urban area against traditional systems.


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